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R.I.Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Black Belt Society HQ.


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KGS GiThe Official Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Gi

The Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Gi has a 1" white trim on the cuffs of the arms and legs. There is a 1" white trim along the bottom of the jacket but not up the splits.


The Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu school patch is worn on the left side covering the heart. Above the KGS patch is the Black Belt Society patch. Individual school patches are placed on the right side or on the right sleeve. Both the US flag and the State of Hawaii flags are placed on the left shoulder. US flag is on top.

Signature Belt

The Signature belt has Sijo's name embroidered onto the belt. Sijo Sonny Gascon will personally hand out each belt. Only members of Sijo Sonny Gascon's Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Black Belt Society wear these special belts. There are many branches under Sijo's tree, only KGS BBS members are authorized to wear these belts